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Webmaster Fu helps small businesses generate leads and increase sales. We work with small businesses to create winning strategies that help you thrive without spending a fortune. We specialize in Adwords, content development, and search optimization. And, depending on the need, many other little things that help a small business grow and prosper.

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  • Website Creation And Management
  • Consulting

Increase Your Revenue With Google

Google search is still the primary way people discover your business and it will stay that way for the unforseeable future. Google has a whopping 85+% market share across all devices as of August, 2016 in the US (Seach Engine Journal). To be successful you need to be on the first page of Google when people search for your product or service. That is obvious. Not so obvious is how to do it. That is where we come in. We can help you create the right mix of activities that help you get there and be successful. Usually, that involves a combination of the following:

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Making Smart Choices Can Be Tricky

With so many companies competing for your advertising and marketing dollar, making good choices can be tricky. Choosing well is important. Good choices lead to profit and success, while bad choices can lead to a lot of waisted money and difficult circumstances.

This is where a good consultant really shines. Helping you create a good sustainable plan is critical and a key element in online success. Don't do this without help, even if you are bright, talented and your clients love you. Little things make a big difference and this is good money spent.

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Quality Website

A nice looking website that is well organized and contains useful information is the foundation for online success.

Advertise Where It Counts

Show your ads when people are searching for your product or service.

Landing Pages That Impress

Impress your clients with great copy. Give them a reason to choose you.