Using Quards

I purchased Quards from Design Modo and intended to use it on my website, but changed my mind. Quards is a plugin that allows you to create beautiful custom pages with a custom graphical editor. It is really quite nice and sophisticated.

However, I felt that it did not suit the simple nature of my website. I did not really need off of the functionality and wanted a system that was simple and easy to use…a no brainer system.  Another reason I decided against it was  that the ‘Blog’ page was not editable using the Quards editor, so I was stuck with the theme style unless I edited it by hand. Too much work for just my business blog.

If I was selling something that could benefit from really beutiful and sophisticated style, then I might use it. For just a small website focued on copy, it was not worth the effort. I may use my license in the future for a client that had a lot of visual content where style was important. For a website about advertising and marketing, it was not a good fit, IMO.